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Carnival Glass from the Past to the Present.

Club members collect beautiful pieces of Carnival Glass from the first decade of the 20th century to the present.

Carnival Glass is a mass produced moulded glassware with an iridescence colour. It comes in a large variety of shapes and patterns.  The most common colour is marigold but it comes in many other colours including green, red, blue, white,
purple, pastel colours and opalescent. The prime period of Carnival glass production is considered to be from 1908-1928.
A number of small glass companies still produce New and Contemporary Carnival Glass today.

Although we are based in the Australian state of South Australia we welcome your interest from wherever you may live and an invitation is extended to you to join the Society.

Please Note:
We are a collectors club only and do not buy, sell or provide valuations of Carnival Glass items.
Society menbers however can offer glass for sale at meetings and through the Society Newsletter.

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